steal Jewelry is designed to honor the wild things and empower the wearer.

All of our collected items are treated with respect and honor.
We only take what we can use, collect from fallen branches and
always leave what we do not need for other scavengers.

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Bone Cleaning & Collecting Blog

Our selection of bones and plant materials depends on luck,
time of year and what nature chooses to give.
We treat all of the items we gather from the wild with honor and respect. 
We collect trash we find in the woods while collecting bones,
we pull up fishing line and hooks from the riverbanks
as we gather cedar and vertebrae; 
in these ways hope to thank the Earth for the treasures we find.

We hope to encourage education, empathy and sustainable practices.

(* Do you like our new logo as much as we do? 
We'd like to thank
Nathan Maxwell and Angiemakes.com
 for contributing the beautiful elements that I combined to create the logo)